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  • Listening Ear - a chance to chat with a counsellor about something going on or that has gone on in your life
  • ​Life Coaching - work through a decision, uncertainty or crossroads in your life with a Life Coach who will help you to draw up an action plan for the way forward
  • Fitness Chat - some 1:1 time with one of our Personal Trainers. Use it to write an exercise plan, get an idea of what else you could be doing or work through some of your barriers to exercise
  • Food Diary Checkover - bring a 2-4 week food diary with you to the retreat and one of our Nutritional Advisers will go through it with you and make comments and suggestions for improvements
  • U​nderstanding Your Personality - (+£60) a Myers Briggs Personality Assessment. This takes 1.5 hours and isn't available on all retreats but it can be done over the phone too.
  • Listening Prayer - team members listening to God about you and that way that He designed you to uniquely be. You just sit and relax! They then share what they heard and you get to take it away.
  • ​Free Time - a chance to read, walk, rest or sleep!
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By booking you agree to our terms and conditions. Please be aware that they might alter slightly as Covid guidance changes.
We highly recommend that you have travel insurance to cover the possibility of you not being able to attend.

Please note that the bedrooms in the House of Bread may not have eye level windows due to the nature of the building (converted flour mill)
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