Want to be finally free from thinking 'What am I going to cook tonight!?'
Get one month of main meals sorted in one hour!

This recorded, guided workshop uses a special blueprint and a searchable database to simplify and speed up your menu planning with ease!

Meal Planning Masterclass

Just £10!
The session is recorded and you can do it in an hour at a convenient time for you. You can come back to it, and the database as many times as you wish.

'Brilliant!! We’ve already benefitted from last week’s session: the “themed” nights have led us to start “world food night” on Fridays…. Last week was Indian-inspired, and this week my little one (almost 5) asked for African! Never would have even considered doing  some of these things without your wise and clever input, thank you! 😊'  Rosie

Brought to you by Fitfish Founder, Gaynor van der Burton


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What you'll come away with in this session...
Result #1
👉  A Months Worth of Meals Planned

Whatever your dietary preferences!

Result #2
👉A ready-to-go Shopping List

So that you don't have to write it each week!
Result #3
👉  Loads of ideas for simplifying this part of life!

So that you can spend time on more important things!

No Meal Planning

❌ Stress


❌ Expense

❌ Lack of Variety

❌ Unhealthy Choices

Meal Planning

 Stress Free

 Save Money

 Save Environment

 Ensure Variety

 Ensure Healthy Balance

Ever feel like you:

Eat the same food over and over

 Spend lots of money on groceries, but don't have much to show for it

 Want to eat healthier... but just don't have the time to stop and think

Come and join me and:

Enjoy a variety of healthy food that works for you

 For less money

 All sorted and planned!

Meet your host...
Gaynor van der Burton
Hi! I’m Gaynor van der Burton, Founding Director of Fitfish and the Healthy, Whole & Free Course.

I have spent over 11 years helping hundreds of people get healthier, without dieting, through my role as a Nutritionist specialising in Eating Habits and Behaviours. 

I am also a Personal Trainer and a Statistical Scientist, currently studying an MSc in Clinical Nutrition.

Since starting Fitfish in 2011 I have helped hundreds of people to gain freedom in the area of healthy living by putting God at the centre.

Eating healthy balanced meals is a key part of this freedom and yet meal planning can be a real pain for many of us!

I believe that is can be made more simple and have helped 100s of people with this already on the Healthy, Whole & Free Course and now I wanted to share it wider!

I hope that you can join us to get a months worth of meals planned in just one hour!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the session?
  • One hour, but you can pause the recording and take longer if you need to.
  • Does it cater for my dietary needs?
  • Yes, you get to decide what you eat with guidance and input from me
  • What about if I need to cook for others too?
  • That's ok, it's suitable for those who cook for one, a few or even a few different meals for different members of the household!

What people say...

  • ​"A really helpful session, brilliantly structured! Some great recipe ideas too!" Dee
  • ​"Thank you very much for this very informative session. I found it very helpful for ideas for meals." Pauline
  • "A kickstart for me to get out of my procrastination spiral and get meal planning" Lucy
  • ​"Highly recommend! I shared mine with people at work yesterday and they want lots of recipes!" Sarah
  • ​"By the end of the session I had produced a healthy meal plan for all the mains for a month, including the location of the recipes. I can definitely recommend doing this 😀" Caroline
  • ​"Thank you! Helped me make a healthy choice at a work dinner last night" Melissa
  • ​"Love all the recipe ideas -definitely agree that I get stuck in a rut! So this this class was great 👍" Tracy
  • ​"This was a great help, thanks!" Jenna
  • ​"Thank you - given us thoughts to work on together. " Jan & Peter
  • ​"Can I just say how much I enjoyed the session yesterday, I loved the excel doc that filled things in and the links to recipes all in one place. I’m an avid list maker/ menu planner and it was great to get some fresh inspiration / look at things slightly differently – so thank you!” Denise
  • ​“Thank you … got a lot done, will continue, it got me going! Thanks x” Lynda
  • ​“So, so helpful. Thank you. Off to finish the Tesco order now!” Sarah
  • ​“Thanks for all the useful tips” Rosie
  • ​“Really excellent exercise, thank you” Hilary
  • ​“Thanks so much. Loving all the recipe ideas and the spreadsheet” Zoe
  • ​“Thank you Gaynor great resources and tools which helped focus my mind and get out of the meal planning 'rut'” Carey
  • "It was a really helpful session and the spreadsheet is great!" Kate
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