Weight-loss and 
Freedom from Dieting

Feel great, stop thinking about food 
and eat what you want!

Weight-loss and 
Freedom from Dieting

Feel great, stop thinking about food 
and eat what you want!

'Ready to stop thinking about food as much?!'
'Ready to lose weight without dieting?!'
'Ready to eat 'normally' like everyone else?!'
'I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.' John 10:10
A letter from Gaynor van der Burton Owner and Founder of Fitfish and the Healthy, Whole & Free Course

Do you want to experience freedom in the area of food, exercise and healthy living once and for all?

So that you can:

👍 Stop thinking about food so much...
👍 Eat what you want, when you want...
👍 Exercise because you want to...
👍 Get and stay at a healthy weight..
👍 And get deeper in your relationship with God?

Well, then this letter is your new best friend :-)

Let me tell you why...

But first, you NEED to hear this.

IT IS ENTIRELY POSSIBLE for you to have breakthrough in this area.

It isn't reserved for the special few!
If any of this sounds like you...
"I've tried so many diets but I just cannot stick to them..."

"I love my food too much..."

"I just can't stop at one..."

"I am mainly healthy but then I just blow it..."

"I just can't resist the sugar..."

"Food is my friend...."

"I'm too busy looking after other people....."

"I need to treat myself with food....."
I Promise You You're Not Alone
Me in 2001
Me now
These are the things that I hear all of the time and I totally understand, I've certainly been there!
As a child and teenager I was overweight, and in my 20s obese. 
I could lose weight if I really set my mind to it but it was a real effort and the results were never long lasting. 

I exercised mainly to burn calories and I was always thinking about the next meal. When I 'broke' whichever diet I was on I would then go to the other extreme and eat as much as I could in the shortest possible time!!

I just couldn't break free from the cycle and it was on my mind all of the time.

Inevitably it impacted other areas of my life too including my social life, relationships with others and God.

After opening myself up to God's leading and direction, I began to take a path freedom. 

For the last 15+ years I have been able to:

*Eat what I want when I want
*Hardly think about food unless I am hungry 
*Exercise (not that much I have to point out!) because I want to and see the results
* See that the rest of my life is in balance too

I am now a busy mum and these learnings and tools are seeing me through this period of my life with a healthy balance too.

12 years ago I founded Fitfish and since then I have seen hundreds of guests benefit from the retreats and online courses.

In my role as a Nutritionist and Eating Behaviours Coach I have supported hundreds through our Healthy, Whole & Free Course to find freedom in this area so that they can lose weight without dieting, feel great and stop thinking about food!

I want to specifically share the journey and the path that I learnt with you too so that you can experience freedom.
You don't have to spend years struggling unnecessarily. 

You don't have to feel that it's so easy for everyone else but not for you.

You don't have to give up on yourself, God certainly hasn't!

You deserve to be set free in this area!
This is why I created the 'Healthy, Whole & Free' Course
Healthy, Whole & Free is a 6-step process that:

✅ sets the right FOUNDATIONS
✅ gets RID OF the dieting mentality
✅ DEALS with any reasons your body CRAVES certain foods
✅ changes HABITS
✅ overcomes SELF-SABOTAGE and

So that you can finally be free in this area WITHOUT spending any more time (or money or stress) on trying to figure it out.

Healthy, Whole & Free is based on REAL life experiences and tested, measured and proven techniques and strategies.

How would you feel if you finally break free?

What difference will that make in your life?

"God is good and I feel at last he heard my cries for help through Healthy, Whole & Free"
This is for you if...
 You want to feel healthy and happy with God at the centre
 You want to know step-by-step how you can go about finding this freedom
 You want to stop going around in circles and have a clear path
 You are ready to invest in you 
And if you are sick and tired of...
 The 'trial and error' approach of trying to be healthy
 Fluffy advice that doesn't achieve tangible results
 Feeling too busy and stressed to do anything, so doing nothing
 Being 'on' or 'off' a diet
The End Result? 
A healthy weight, feeling great, not thinking about food all of the time and eating what you want when you want!
By the end of the programme, here’s what will happen when you have implemented everything inside… 

*You will have dealt with deep underlying issues..

*You will have got closer to God and included him in every step

*You will have real practical tools and insights to be healthy in your busy life… 

Faster than you ever thought possible. 

"Life giving!"
Here's how you break free:
The Healthy, Whole & Free Portal
The 6 steps are delivered in 6 modules. In each of the 6 modules you'll receive:
 Video Teaching - taking you through the steps leading to freedom
 A Resource Pack containing Worksheets, Tips, Techniques and Guides to implement your learnings effortlessly
 A Reflection Pack with Bible verses, Studies and Reflections perfect to use in your quiet times to solidify and deepen your journey ensuring that God is at the centre.
Let's have a look at the modules...
Module 1:Foundations to Freedom
 Roots for a healthy body, spirit and soul so that you can get the right foundation
 Your own personal CAN DO Plan for effective progress
 CAN DO Plan Training so you know how to make the most of it
 My Top Rated CAN DOs that are so effective and bring results
 Freedom Wheel to start to benchmark your progress 
 God's Promises to You to spur you on
Module 2: Breaking the Dieting Mentality 
 How to Recognise, Ridicule and Replace what you have learnt before in your dieting journey, so you can break free
 Our Signature 80_20 Check Plate to easily guide you into healthier eating
 Studies into the 'goodness of food' to reset your mindset
 A focus shifter so that you start to see things through a different lens
Module 3: Conquering Cravings 
 Foods that help to prevent Cravings so that you can get them under control
 How to break The Sugar Cycle to finally live free
 Little Known Sugar Facts that will change the way you think
 The Ultra Processed Foods cycle and how this affects you so that you're armed with knowledge
 Digging Deeper Study to hear what God is saying to you about this process
Module 4: Changing Habits 
 How to decide whether to go Cold Turkey or Give Up Gradually
 The Changes Toolkit to give you ammunition for the battles that you face
 The Life Balance Wheel for a snapshot of how balanced you are currently
 The Armour of God Prayer to equip you in the best way for daily challenges
 Bible Verses for a Sound Mind to ensure that you are tackling situations in the right way
 Scribble and Reflect - Influence - meditate on how external forces have had an impact on you

Module 5: Overcoming Self-Sabotage
 The most common self-sabotaging behaviours
 Why we really Self-Sabotage
 Negative vs Positive Self-Talk
 Living in a Fortress Not Fear
 Casting out Fear to free you
Module 6: Ending Emotional Eating 
 Emotional Eating Reality Check
 Adult vs Toddler Brain Behaviours
 'Bringing the Adult In' Techniques
 Digging Deeper Bible Studies

Value of Portal £597

Only £29 
per month for 6 months

delivered in manageable weekly chunks 

6 months to do 
whole course

Plus the 
bonuses below

Healthy, Whole & Free Membership Bonuses

Bonus 1: Weekly Live Calls
Each Month we have a:

*Teaching Call (also recorded) on the topics:
*Mindset *Motivation *Food and the Kitchen *Fundamentals of Nutrition and Exercise *Life Organisation *Navigating Social and Special Occasions

*Coaching Call for applying a coaching model to your situation then Questions, Group Breakouts and 1:1 Coaching as desired

* Weight-Loss Focus Call (also recorded) - alongside the path to freedom you will also learn how to lose weight in a non-diet way

* Solution Session - a chance to drop in and ask me questions about obstacles you are facing, specific situations you find yourself overeating in and anything that you are coming across on your journey that you need a bit of insight into! Or just come and listen to the advice I give others.
(Valued at £347)
Bonus 2: A Bonus for each module
 a 12 min 5-day Exercise Plan with Video Demonstrations
 Super Spices and Herbs Cooking from Scratch Module
 Expert Recordings from the Fitfish Team 
(Valued at £97)
Bonus 3: Private Members-only Facebook Group
* Extra content including videos

* Get all your questions answered by me

* Connect with other Christians on a similar path to you for support and inspiration

* Coaches, team mates, peers and cheerleaders all rolled in to one package!

* Supportive, helpful, inspiring community

(Valued at £197)
Bonus 4: FREE Fitfish for a Fiver membership
* 6 different LIVE exercise sessions per week to choose from

* YouTube Playlist of 100+ previous exercise recordings

* Monthly recipe pack

* Monthly podcast

(£5 per month saving)

Bonus 5: Weekly 'Success Sessions' from the HWF Forever Membership
* Get things done

* Accountability

* Productivity

(worth £180)

Here’s A Quick Recap Of Everything You’re Getting When You Join Me in the Healthy, Whole & Free Course
 The Healthy, Whole & Free Portal (£597)

Step-by-step training, support and accountability on how to gain freedom
 Bonus 1: Weekly Live (and recorded) Calls (£347) 

Teaching, Coaching and Weight- Loss focus to ensure you're never stuck and always moving forward... 
 Bonus 2: Monthly Bonuses (£97) 

To give you that little bit extra
 Bonus 3: Private Members-only Facebook Group (£197) 

Get all your questions answered by me, and of course the support of the group
 Bonus 4: FREE Fitfish for a Fiver Membership (£30)
Exercise, recipes and podcasts!
 Bonus 5: Weekly Success Sessions (£90)
Get things done!

Some great value!!!

Especially considering if you were to buy it all separately you’d be spending over £1,350!

(Which would still be a great deal)

But I'm not going to make you pay anywhere near that.

Just 29 per month instead!
If you've got to this point in this letter and are still deciding if this is for you...

I don't want you to take my word for it that the Healthy, Whole & Free Course represents amazing value...

Check out what some of the previous clients have to say about the Course:

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Inspirational and full of helpful information"

"All Christians need this...."

"Something must be working, I feel different and oh I have lost 16 lbs already, and I'm not on any kind of diet!"

"I've loved being part of a community"

"I loved how the course is God focused!"

"I really feel something has changed in me"

"I would recommend it to anyone!"

"I'm beginning to find freedom from the sugar"

"I think the course is so fab"

"I am really enjoying the course"

"This course is life changing... I haven't eaten food in a negative context once and have lost well over a stone"

"Highly recommended if you are looking to make lasting healthy changes"

"I've learnt so much about what I do when and why"

"This course has helped me to find what being rich is..."

"Holistic care the way God intended!"

"From week one of the course I knew that I had made the right decision"

"It is worth every penny....I am so glad that I am breaking free!"

"I am on a journey to gain control over life-long poor habits and deep rooted issues. I am enjoying the ride!"

"The coaching calls are really valuable. I thoroughly recommend this course"

"A few weeks in and I'm certainly seeing lots of benefits and I'm more toned."

"My whole mindset is changing along with the care for my body"

"I like having the framework of the programme to stay motivated and to concentrate on one day at a time"
This Could Be YOU Too!

Imagine finally gaining freedom in this area

What would that mean for you now?

What would that mean for you in the future?

What if this could be your reality... 

In a matter of WEEKS, instead of months, or years from now? 

You don't have to do it all in your own strength anymore... 

In fact, in just a couple months from now, you could be saying...

“I'm so glad that I made the decision to do the course, I feel great, don't think about food as much any more and can eat what I want when I want!"

Here Are The Top FAQs About Healthy, Whole & Free Membership
QUESTION #1: "How much time will this take?" 

You have a whole month per module so you can take from 1 hour to several a month to delve into the different layers of the course and bonuses as suits you. Week 4 each month is a 'catch up week' where no new content is released giving you chance to revisit weeks or catch up.

QUESTION #2: "How long will it take to complete the course?"

You will have covered the material in the course after 6 months and then you can choose to stay on with our HWFF Forever group for the same cost per month if you would like to

QUESTION #3: "Can I stop at any time or am I committed to 6 months"

I don't think you will want to stop, but yes, give a week's notice to leave and you will not be charged for the next month.

QUESTION #3: Do I need to be good at technology?!

Not at all. 

This course was built with the “technophobe” in mind.

I want ALL the people who enter this programme to be able to get the same incredible results....

The course is delivered via email and via the portal, so as long as you have an email address you are good to go!

So if you're ready to get started...

Click the button below, join this fantastic community, and get ready to become the Healthy, Whole & Free version of you that you deserve!

I can't wait to see you inside!
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DISCLAIMER: I believe that God wants to set you free in this area and can do through Healthy, Whole & Free. However he takes everyone on different journeys and there of course no guarantees!