Relax at the end of a busy week and join us for an Evening with Fitfish and 

Ruth Rice!

Bring your own cuppa or glass of something as Ruth inspires us with her thoughts on: 
Being Present : Simple Habits to help with Mental and Emotional Wellbeing 

"As a new year begins we are probably all hoping for a really NEW year ! After this last year we have had we are going to be wanting better things for this 12 months. 
Maybe we are putting a lot of pressure on ourselves and the world around and maybe on God too for everything to be different this year. 
But maybe well-being is to be found in doing the same old things . From my own experience of mental ill health and recovery and the experience of helping churches embrace wellbeing habits I would like to take you through some simple habits that are in no way new but will help us keep the main thing the main thing and hopefully help us embrace wellbeing whatever the year brings. 
Look for the ancient paths ( Jer 6:16)"

The evening includes:
  • Inspiration and Encouragement from our guest speaker Ruth Rice
  • Wonderful Worship led by Bev and Phil Gray
  • A short practical talk from Fitfish Founder and Healthy, Whole & Free Course Creator Gaynor van der Burton
  • Q&A sessions
  • An Encouraging Community of like minded people, and at the end optional social breakout rooms to catch up with friends old and new!
  • All of the talks, workshops and worship recorded for forever access
  • All from the comfort of your own home via Zoom

Just £10 per ticket
£5 for an extra ticket to treat a friend!

(You don't need to know who your guest is yet if you are also booking for a friend)

Who is Ruth Rice?

Ruth has a background in teaching and Baptist church Ministry and is passionate about seeing churches turn themselves and their great habits of welcome, care and prayer inside out to reduce isolation and increase wellbeing in every community. 

Ruth set up the first wellbeing centre, renew 37, whilst leading New Life Baptist Church and now works full time for Renew Wellbeing visiting churches, delivering training and supporting sustainability. 

 Ruth has written a couple of books - an e-book '5 Ways to Inner Wellbeing' is available on Amazon with her second book being published early 2021.

About Fitfish..
We are a dynamic group of Christian GPs, Personal Trainers, Nutritional Advisers, Counsellors, Life Coaches, Ministry Leaders, Worship Leaders, Massage Therapists and more..

We love to use our God-given talents to help people and inspire them to be fit for MORE of what God has intended for them.
what people say about fitfish online events...

"Superb! The team do a fab job of making sure everyone is included and supported!"- Sarah Prince

"From the comfort of my own home, I have enjoyed fellowship, worship and time with God. So good to be able to put things aside and engage with this."- Catherine Henderson

“I not only have learnt things to help me improve my spiritual journey, but also I have learnt more about myself, what I am capable of and how to look after myself better!" - Gemma Cain

"I have attended several retreats and loved them. Under lockdown circumstances - this was a very successful way of joining in and engaging with all things Fitfish. Thank you."
 - Claire Woolett

"Amazing speakers and learnt some new exercises. The logisitics of being at home and running the family around the retreat worked much better than I had imagined."- Amanda Stoddart

"Being on an online retreat was so close to being on an actual retreat. God still works and exercising in my front room was good fun. Some of even stayed up late chatting just like we did on a previous retreat!" - Gillian Harap

Just £10 per ticket
£5 for an extra ticket to treat a friend!

(You don't need to know who your guest is yet if you are also booking for a friend)
We can't wait to see you online!